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Just enter your car’s mileage and litres used from your last trip, and press CALCULATE.

(Make sure you have a note of miles covered and litres used from your last trip - and don’t forget to reset your car’s trip clock beforehand!)

What is a good MPG?

Generally speaking, a ‘good’ MPG for a petrol car would be around 40 MPG or higher, whereas for diesel it would be around 50 MPG or higher. For EVs, instead of MPG, efficiency is measured in ‘miles per kilowatt hour’ (miles/kWh), and a good measurement would be about 4 miles.

What is a bad MPG?

Similarly, a ‘bad’ MPG depends on the type of car you’re driving. For a standard petrol car, a poor fuel economy would sit around 20-30 MPG. However, this same MPG for a full-size SUV wouldn’t be such bad news.

MPG Rating Scale

For a quick glance at how good your MPG is, refer to this basic rating scale. Keep in mind that it is most accurate for small - mid-sized cars, so if you have a bigger car like an SUV or pick up truck, you should adjust accordingly.

  • 60+ MPG - Excellent
  • 50+ MPG - Good
  • 40+ MPG - Average
  • 30+ MPG - Fair
  • 20+ MPG - Poor
  • <20 MPG - Very Bad
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Why is MPG important?

If you don’t know your car’s fuel economy, there are several important reasons why you probably should:

  • Cost-efficiency - Your car’s MPG impacts how much you spend on fuel each month. A higher MPG means you can travel farther per gallon of fuel, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced costs over time. By choosing a fuel-efficient car, you can save hundreds over time on fuel.
  • Environmental impact - Fuel consumption contributes to CO2 emissions which harm the environment. Higher MPG vehicles release fewer emissions per mile travelled.
  • Travel range - Your car’s MPG determines how far you can go on a full tank of fuel. This is particularly helpful for planning out long journeys or to remote areas with limited access to refuelling. A higher MPG allows for longer travel ranges and fewer pit stops over the course of your journeys, especially if you tend to travel long distances often.
  • Decision-making - MPG is just one of the many important metrics for comparing different vehicle models that line up with your preferences, driving lifestyle, and budget.
  • Resale value - Fuel economy is an increasingly important factor in the second-hand market. Higher MPG vehicles often have greater appeal and resale value as they offer long-term saving on fuel costs.
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If you’re thinking of selling your car in order to cut down on fuel journey costs, why not Sell 2 Swansway? Our friendly team has tonnes of experience in the industry, which means we’ll always give you a competitive valuation based on market value, guarantee that figure for 7 days, and even gift you £100 if you organise your sale and vehicle collection within 24 hours!
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