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Use our free carbon footprint calculator to easily work out what impact your actions are having on the environment.

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Car Carbon Footprint Calculator

How much carbon dioxide does my car emit?

This depends greatly on your type of car. Driving a big vehicle like a 4x4 Range Rover will contribute significantly more to your carbon footprint than a smaller vehicle like a Fiat 500, for example. If you are making short journeys often and using 100% renewable energy, hybrid and electric cars contribute very little ( sometimes nothing at all) to carbon dioxide emissions.

For some context, and if you want to compare your car with the national average, a standard passenger vehicle releases approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Find out more about how much your car contributes to your carbon footprint by looking at your V5C registration certificate. There, you can find the emissions rating for your car.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint outside of your driving lifestyle. Cutting down on meat consumption, turning off lights when you’re not using them, and making sure all electrical appliances are on standby are just a few lifestyle alterations you can make that can bring about significant positive impact.

You can also make a big difference by swapping your car for alternatives like public transport, walking, or cycling. Even just replacing your current gas guzzler with a more eco friendly vehicle can hugely reduce your impact.

If you think selling is the right option for you, why not Sell 2 Swansway? You can find out what your car is worth by using our free valuation calculator here.

Car Carbon Footprint Calculator
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Shall I sell my car to help with the environment?

You don’t necessarily have to go without a car completely to reduce your carbon footprint, even just making a change to a more eco-friendly alternative could go a long way! It’s not only good for the environment, gas efficient cars also save you money on fuel.

If you’re ready to sell, it’d be silly not to sell with Sell 2 Swansway! We offer a competitive valuation that is guaranteed for 7 days, and a friendly team member will come to collect your vehicle at a time and place that suits you, and we even offer a £100 thank you gift if you organise your sale and collection within a 24 hour period. Valuate your car easily here!


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