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When is the slowest month for selling my car?

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Are you thinking about putting your vehicle up for sale but worried about timing? Typically, there are different times in the year that see a decrease in the surge in demand, affecting how quickly and profitably you can sell your car. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into navigating the slowest months for selling your car, ensuring you're equipped for a successful sale.

Key Points

What is the slowest month for selling your car?

While the allure of a quick sale might have you itching to list your car ASAP, strategic timing can make a big difference to your finances. So, before diving headfirst into the used car market, let's consider the calendar's not-so-friendly sales months.

December Dilemma

December often takes the crown for the slowest sales. Holiday spending takes priority, budgets tighten, and winter weather throws a wrench in test drives. Potential buyers are busy with festivities, and dealerships might be less motivated to offer top dollar, knowing many are "window shopping."

January Blues

Post-holiday financial hangovers linger in January. Credit card bills loom large, and car purchases often get put on hold. New model releases might also overshadow your used car offering.

How do seasons affect car sales?

Seasons play a surprisingly large role in the car selling and buying landscape, impacting the sale price of vehicles.

Summer months car-selling

During the summer months, there's often an uptick in activity, making it a strong month for sellers. The warmer months encourage more potential buyers to search for their next vehicle, leading to a more competitive market. This increased competition can elevate the selling price, benefiting sellers who are looking to maximise their return.

Winter months car-selling

On the other hand, when it comes to colder weather, there's a noticeable dip in buyer interest. The chillier climate discourages potential buyers from car shopping, which can decrease demand and the achievable sale price of your car. Understanding these seasonal trends is important for sellers looking to make the most of their car sale.

However, it's important to note that while seasons influence buyer behaviour, a well-maintained vehicle and an accurate, fair pricing strategy can always attract buyers, regardless of the weather outside.

Do the March and September plate changes make a difference in car sales?

In the automotive industry, the March and September plate changes are significant milestones that can greatly influence car sales. These times are when the need for cars can change a lot, causing big changes in how cars are sold and how people buy them. Historically, these plate changes have been associated with a peak demand for the latest models, making them an ideal time for consumers to purchase a new vehicle. This surge in interest is driven by the want to own a car with the latest registration plate in the newest model year.

Do school holidays affect car sales?

While sunshine and warm weather might scream "road trip!" school holidays can present a surprising detour in demand for cars. But how much of a brake do they apply? Peak season for family cars? Logic suggests summer holidays, with families needing extra space for luggage and adventures, would be a strong month for family cars. However, research shows a slight dip during this period. Why? Juggling childcare, activities, and getaways can give families less time and energy for car shopping. Additionally, budgets might be stretched towards travel and summer fun, leaving less wiggle room for big purchases.

So, when do sales pick up? Interestingly, the demand for cars often rebounds after the holiday season ends. With kids back in school and routines re-established, September sees a surge in car shopping. This could be due to pent-up demand from those who held off during the busy summer months or a strategic time to snag deals on leftover summer stock. Summer sales might present opportunities if you're flexible with your timeline and have childcare sorted. However, if you prioritise convenience and a wider selection, waiting until after the holidays could be more strategic.

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