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What Is the v5c and Why Is It So Important?

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A Vehicle Registration Certificate, commonly known as a V5C or a vehicle logbook, is a crucial document for car owners. It serves as proof of ownership and provides essential information about the car. Although the information is stored on the DVLA database, having the paper document is still important. Unfortunately, it can be easy to misplace, especially when life gets busy and hectic! If you’ve lost your logbook, read on to find out why it’s important to get a new copy. 

What information does a V5C contain?

The V5C includes vital information about the car, including its make, model, colour, VIN number, and engine size. It also shows the category that the vehicle falls under. If you need to make changes to your vehicle details, such as the colour, cylinder capacity, seating capacity, or fuel type, you will need to complete a few sections before sending it to the DVLA. Find out more about officially changing your vehicle details here. 

What to do after selling a car

If you sell your car, completing the green "new keeper" slip and informing the DVLA is crucial. This allows you to transfer car ownership to the new owner and receive your entitled tax refund. Failing to complete the necessary paperwork may result in penalties, so make sure you keep everything in order when going through a sale.

What to do if you’ve lost your V5C

If you lose or damage your V5C, you can easily order a new one through the Gov.uk website, here. If you’d rather, you can also fill out a V62 form. Simply follow the instructions on the document. It is important to note that this process costs £25.

Looking for your v5c because you want to sell your car?

Often, people need their logbook because they’re preparing for a sale. Sound familiar? You’ve landed in the right place! Use our car valuation tool to get a competitive offer based on market value. This will last for 7 days, meaning you can take your time before committing to selling your car. If you’re ready to sell straight away though, we offer a special £100 gift to everyone who arranges their sale and collection in under 24 hours, just to say thanks! Sell the right way, Sell 2 Swansway

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