Do Scratches Impact Car Value?

Should I fix scratches on my car before selling?

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Scratches may make you question if repairing them could boost your car's sale value when you're ready to sell. Ranging from minor to severe, scratches undeniably influence the look and the perceived value of your car. Yet, the decision to repair these blemishes before selling isn't always straightforward.

This dilemma often boils down to considering the costs with the benefits, balancing the expense of repairs against the prospective increase in selling price. With this in mind,  let’s see whether you should fix scratches on your car before selling. 

Key Points

What is the impact of scratches on your car’s value?

Scratches on your car don't just affect its appearance; they can also significantly influence its market value and how potential buyers perceive it.

Small vs big scratches

The difference between small and big scratches can’t be ignored.

Minor scratches are superficial, often affecting only the clear coat of your car's paint. These can be seen as normal wear and tear, unlikely to drastically reduce the vehicle's value, especially in the eyes of dealers accustomed to refurbishing used cars.

Major scratches, on the other hand, which may penetrate the paint or even reach the metal underneath, offer a bigger problem. This kind of damage not only looks unsightly but might also lead to rust, demanding expensive repairs later down the line. 

Should you fix the scratches on your car, then?

Deciding whether or not to fix your car’s scratches actually comes down to factors outside of the scratch itself. So, if you're not sure whether to fix that scratch or not, consider the following first:

  • Age and condition of the car - For a newer car in better condition, it can be a wise investment to get rid of that scratch, potentially boosting its sale price. For older vehicles that may be showing signs of wear beyond cosmetic issues, the cost of the repair might not be worth it. 

  • Cost of repair vs potential value - How much will it cost to fix the scratch? How much do you expect to get from selling your car? If the cost of fixing the scratch is close to - or is even higher than - the price of selling it, it might be worth your time and wallet to sell the car as it is.

  • Location and severity of the scratch - Simply put, scratches on highly visible areas (e.g. the bonnet or a door) might warrant repairs more than in less noticeable spots. 

Balancing all these considerations can help you achieve the outcome you want the most out of this situation: the most money for your car.

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How can I repair my scratched car?

How you go about repairing your scratched car can make as much of a difference as anything else. So, be sure to consider the following when repairing your scratched car. 

Look for professional advice

When deciding whether to fix scratches on your car before selling it, getting a repair estimate from a professional can be very helpful. This lets you know how much repairs will cost and if they'll actually increase your car's value, helping you decide if it's worth it.

Professional repairs also mean the work is done well, potentially making your car worth more. This approach helps you figure out if fixing the car is a good investment or if you should sell it as it is, so you get the best possible deal.

Can you repair the scratch yourself?

If your car has some minor scratches, a DIY repair is a practical and cost-effective solution if you don’t want to fork out for a professional repair. These kits are affordable, widely available, and come with all the tools to fix light scratches on your own, saving you money compared to professional repairs.

The convenience of working on your car at your leisure, without the need to schedule appointments or leave it at a shop, is also appealing to many hopeful sellers. Plus, tackling the repair yourself can be a rewarding learning experience, offering insights into basic car maintenance!

However, it's important to recognise the limitations of DIY repair kits; they are most effective on superficial scratches that haven't gone beyond the clear coat. For deeper scratches that reach the paint layer or metal, professional help might still be necessary.

Should you claim on your insurance to cover the cost of scratch repair?

Before using your car insurance to fix scratches before selling your car, it's smart to weigh the repair cost against your deductible. If the cost to fix the scratches isn't much more than your deductible, you might be better off paying for the repairs yourself.

Remember, claiming for minor damages could lead to higher insurance premiums later on, which might cost you more than the repair itself. It's also important to really understand what your insurance covers when it comes to this kind of damage.

Keep in mind, too, that making too many claims can affect your relationship with your insurance company. They might see you as a higher risk and could increase your premiums or be hesitant to renew your policy.

So, while it might seem convenient to let insurance handle the repair costs, paying out of pocket could save you money and trouble down the line.

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Making careful choices about scratch repairs can save you money and make selling your car easier and more straightforward. Selling your car should be a smooth process, and wisely handling repairs is a big part of making sure it goes well.

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