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How To Replace Lost Car Keys

How To Replace Lost Car Keys

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Modern car keys have evolved to include advanced technology, serving multiple functions within a single device. Typically, these keys comprise three components: a mechanical key to release the steering lock, an electronic transponder chip for ignition, and a separate key for unlocking the car's doors. For this reason, replacing lost, broken, or stolen keys can be a challenging and costly process. In this blog, we will help you find the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective methods to obtain new or replacement keys for your vehicle.

How to get replacement car keys

It is advisable to check your car insurance policy to determine whether you have signed up for key cover, as many policies offer this as a premium add-on. However, always remember that making a claim on your insurance may impact your no-claims bonus and, ultimately, increase the cost of your policy over time.

1. Go to your local garage

If you don't have key cover, a local garage may be an option for replacing your car keys. However, this can be expensive, as most garages charge for the use of their diagnostic equipment. Many garages also do not have the specialised key-coding equipment required to replace and program new car keys.

2. Opt for an auto locksmith

An auto locksmith is often the quickest and most affordable solution for obtaining replacement keys for your vehicle. Most auto locksmiths have the equipment to replace keys for a wide range of car makes and models and offer mobile services, meaning they can come to you. With the necessary equipment within their mobile units, auto locksmiths can often program new keys, delete lost keys, and complete all required services in a single visit.

How much does a car key replacement cost?

The cost of replacing your car keys depends on various factors, including the brand of your car, its make, model, and age, as well as the type of key it uses. For example, if your car uses a remote key fob or remote keyless fob, it may cost more to replace than an older model without a chip.

The cost of replacing car keys ranges from as little as £25 to thousands of pounds. For instance, replacing a BMW i8 key may cost around £1,000, whereas a "Diamond key" used in top-of-the-range Bentleys may cost approximately £8,000.

Should I get a spare car key if I want to sell my car?

If you're selling your car and have lost, broken, or had one of your car keys stolen, it's advisable to consider having a new car key made. This is because having only one set of keys can significantly affect your car's resale value and make it less desirable to potential buyers.

Could this be a great time to sell your car?

If you’re looking for new keys, why not look for a new car! Use our car valuation tool to determine the value of your current car. Our tool will provide you with an accurate estimate of your car's worth that will be guaranteed for 7 days, allowing you to make an informed decision before selling it. Then we come and collect your car at a time and place that suits you, sending the money directly to your bank account. It couldn’t be easier!

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