How to Cancel Road Tax

How to Cancel Road Tax & Claim Your Refund

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Are you planning to sell your car or take it off the road for a long period? You may be wondering how to cancel your car tax and whether or not you're entitled to a refund. In this blog post, we'll answer some of the most common questions related to cancelling road tax in the UK. If you want to check your car tax right now, you can find our free car tax checking tool!

How do I cancel my car tax with DVLA?

To cancel your car tax, you need to inform the DVLA that your vehicle is either off the road, sold, or transferred to someone else. You can do this online, by post, or by phone. To cancel online, visit the DVLA section of the website and use their online service

You'll need your vehicle registration number, reference number from your V5C registration certificate (logbook), and the date you want to cancel your tax from. If you prefer to cancel by post or phone, you'll need to fill out a V14 form and send it to the DVLA.

Can I just cancel my car tax?

Yes, you can cancel your car tax if you're no longer using the vehicle on public roads. You'll need to inform the DVLA, though, exactly as described above.

Does car tax cancel automatically when sold?

No, car tax does not cancel automatically when you sell your car. You will need to inform the DVLA that you’ve sold your vehicle, and the buyer needs to register the vehicle in their name and pay for new tax. 

How do I cancel my car tax over the phone?

To cancel your car tax over the phone, call the DVLA on 0300 790 6802. You'll need your vehicle registration number and reference number from your V5C registration certificate (logbook).

Can I cancel tax without the logbook?

No, you can't cancel tax without a logbook. You'll need the reference number from your V5C registration certificate to inform the DVLA that you want to cancel your car tax. If you have lost your logbook, don’t fret! You can order a new logbook here.

How do road tax refunds work?

If you cancel your car tax before it expires, the DVLA will issue a refund for any full months left on the tax. The refund will be calculated based on the date the DVLA received your request to cancel the tax, so make sure to do this as soon as possible!

You'll receive the refund by cheque or directly to your bank account if you paid by Direct Debit. The DVLA will automatically issue a refund if you've overpaid on your car tax due to selling or scrapping your vehicle. The refund will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time it was sold or scrapped.

Check your road tax renewal date for free

At Sell 2 Swansway, we understand that cancelling road tax can be a hassle. That's why we offer a free online car tax check tool that can help you check the tax status of any vehicle. 

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