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Can I Sell A Salvaged Car?

Can You Sell a Salvaged Vehicle?

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When an insurance company determines a car as a total loss, typically due to an accident, it is referred to as a salvage car. Typically, a vehicle is classified as "totaled" when the expenses for repairs or restoration surpass 75% of its actual cash value. In such instances, the insurance company compensates the owner with an amount to replace the vehicle instead of covering the repair costs. 

So, your car is salvaged. Can you sell it? Let’s find out. 

Let’s understand the process behind cars being classified as salvaged

Obtaining a salvage title is not just for vehicles involved in collisions. Various circumstances can make a car unfit for road use.

In instances where a vehicle is stolen and remains unrecovered for an extended period, insurance companies consider it a total loss. Subsequently, if authorities locate the vehicle, the DMV issues a salvage title, regardless of its condition. However, certain states allow a recovered vehicle to undergo inspections and regain street legality. Nevertheless, the process can be expensive, depending on the car's condition.

Natural disasters and weather-related calamities often inflict damage that leads to salvage title designations. Incidents like fires, hailstorms, earthquakes, floods, high winds, or any act of nature can incur repair costs surpassing the vehicle's value in the eyes of insurers.

Furthermore, the age and overall condition of a vehicle can render it unsuitable for public road use. Extensive rust and corrosion resulting from prolonged exposure to the elements may hinder the car from passing state inspections. If the repair costs outweigh the vehicle's worth, salvage becomes the only viable option.

What is the true impact of a salvage title?

While it is possible for a car with a salvage title to be driven on public roads again, it is important to note that repairs required to pass safety inspections can be costly. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will meet state inspection standards even after the repairs are completed.

It is worth considering that, despite obtaining a new title, the salvage title remains on the vehicle's history report for its lifetime. This highlights the significance of obtaining a vehicle history report when considering the purchase of any used car. The presence of a previously salvaged title may make finding a buyer who can overlook the associated negative perceptions. Consequently, many dealerships refuse trade-in vehicles with salvage titles or those that had this status at any point in the past.

Additionally, due to the structural or mechanical damage associated with salvage vehicles, they are considered high safety risks. This poses difficulties when seeking insurance coverage, as insurers may be hesitant to underwrite such vehicles. If coverage is available, the associated rates may be high.

What are the best ways of getting rid of a salvage vehicle?

If you want to retain your totaled vehicle with the intention of repairing it or selling it as a salvage vehicle, it is crucial to have discussions with your insurance provider. While the insurer will still honour the claim, they will adjust the settlement amount by deducting the estimated value of the vehicle in the salvage market. This ensures a fair resolution while considering the salvage value of the car.

In these situations, if the vehicle owner cannot recoup an amount exceeding the salvage value deducted from their initial insurance settlement, it may not be worthwhile to undertake the associated risks. In such cases, it is often more prudent to allow the insurance company to retain the car once it is declared a total loss.

Alternatively, for individuals equipped with the necessary resources and expertise, selling individual parts may prove to be the most lucrative approach for generating income from a salvage vehicle. Certain components, especially those in high demand or challenging to find, can hold considerable value in the used parts or aftermarket parts market. In the best-case scenario, the cumulative value of the salvaged parts may surpass the overall value of the vehicle. However, it is important to note that selling off individual parts requires dedicated time and effort.

Thinking of selling your car?

Although we cannot buy salvaged vehicles right now, keep us in mind for any car you want to sell in the future. Our car selling process is seamless and convenient, which means you can say goodbye to the complexities of traditional selling methods and welcome a hassle-free experience with competitive valuations and prompt payouts. With Sell 2 Swansway, you can sell your car from the comfort of your own home, avoiding the inconvenience of tire kickers and negotiation hassles.

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