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Drive Car To Scrapyard Without MOT

Can you drive a car to the scrapyard without an MOT?

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In the world of car ownership, there comes a time when we bid farewell to our trusty four-wheeled friends. Be it irreparable damage, excessive maintenance costs, or just the desire for an upgrade, the end of a car’s life sometimes leads us to the scrapyard. However, what if you need to go to the scrapyard and your MOT isn’t updated?

In this blog post, we’re going to shed light on the often misunderstood topic of legality when driving a car to the scrapyard without an MOT. We’ll delve into the factors that come in play, potential risks and consequences, and more. So join us as we navigate this grey zone and uncover the truths behind driving your car to the scrapyard without an MOT. 

  • Can you drive a car to the scrapyard without an MOT?
  • When is it possible to drive without an MOT?
  • Am I still covered if I took my MOT early?
  • Can I drive my SORN car to the scrapyard?
  • Should I just sell my car instead?

Can you drive a car to the scrapyard without an MOT?

Let’s get something out of the way.
Driving a car without a valid MOT certificate is against the law. 

If your car has failed its MOT, it is deemed unsafe for road use and is illegal to drive anywhere - except directly to the garage for repairs or retesting.

MOT certificates are crucial annual tests that ensure the safety and compliance of vehicles on the road. These tests cover roadworthiness, exhaust emissions, and general vehicle safety. It is a legal requirement for all motor vehicles over three years old to have a valid MOT certificate from an authorised testing station or garage. 

Failure to comply can result in prosecution and invalidation of your car insurance policy. Driving without a valid MOT is only permitted when heading to or from a garage for repairs or when going to an authorised testing station for a pre-arranged MOT test. If you happen to be pulled over by the police, you must be able to prove that you have an appointment booked at a garage. In all other cases, driving without a valid MOT is illegal.

What should I do if I can’t drive my car to the scrapyard?

If you're unable to drive your car to the scrapyard, consider alternative options such as: 

  • Arranging for professional towing services
  • Seeking assistance from the scrapyard for pick-up
  • Exploring vehicle donation programmes
  • Utilising vehicle removal services

Each option has its own requirements and considerations, so assess your situation and choose the method that aligns with your situation best. 

Am I still covered if I took my MOT early?

We often receive questions regarding taking the MOT test slightly early. Some drivers choose to schedule their MOT test before the expiration date to avoid the initial cost burden at the start of the year. You can have an MOT done up to one month before your existing MOT certificate expires, while still keeping the anniversary of the expiry date.

So, Is it okay to drive your car after it fails an early MOT test?

The answer depends on a few factors and relies on common sense. According to the official government website, you can drive the vehicle after a failed MOT if it meets the following conditions:

  • The original MOT certificate is still valid, allowing for some remaining time.
  • The vehicle has not been listed with any 'dangerous' problems in the MOT and has only failed on minor faults.

However, if a dangerous fault has been identified, it must be repaired before legally driving the vehicle. In such cases, the dangerous fault overrides the old certificate. It makes sense as the identification of a dangerous fault renders the vehicle unsafe, regardless of the remaining time on the certificate. 

Driving a vehicle with a known dangerous fault for any purpose other than a re-test is considered an unacceptable risk by law.

Can I drive my SORN car to the scrapyard?

If your vehicle is SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) but you have a valid MOT certificate, you must tax and insure the car before driving it again. While you can drive your vehicle to the scrapyard in this case, it is usually more cost-effective to arrange alternative transportation for your vehicle.

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