Car Colour Affect Resale Value?

Which Car Colours Have the Best Resale Value?

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Choosing the right colour of your car allows you to showcase your individuality and make a statement. However, it's important to consider the potential impact of your personal colour preference on the future resale value of your car because the colour you choose can either enhance or detract from the price it commands in the second-hand market. 

In this Sell 2 Swansway article, we will delve into the connection between car colour and resale value, addressing all the key questions to help you determine which car colour offers the best return on investment. 

  • What are the common car colours?
  • Which car colour has the highest resale value?
  • Will changing the colour of my car affect resale value?
  • Finding the best price for your car - regardless of colour

What are the common car colours? 

If you’ve been driving for any amount of time, you’ll have noticed that cars largely tend to be painted in a few select colours.

1. Black 

This is a popular colour option for drivers in the UK especially, with 1 in 5 black cars on the roads. Stylish and simple, black cars are a people pleaser and as such command a good resale price. This is despite the fact that black cars are also harder to keep clean and hide any cosmetic damage from. 

2. Grey

In keeping with the neutrality of the colour more generally, grey doesn’t tend to add or take away value when it comes to the buying or selling process. Despite that, it’s a popular choice for manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and BMW, so that’s why grey is a common colour for many cars. 

3. White 

Although it demands more regular cleaning, white is a favourite colour amongst many car buyers as it portrays a more premium look.

Which car colour has the highest resale value? 

While it is generally true that cars in subtle and understated colours tend to have higher resale prices, the luxury and sports car market follows a different trend.

In this niche, luxury vehicles with unconventional and eye-catching colours often fetch a premium compared to their more conservative counterparts in the second-hand marketplace. 

The exceptional resale value of these colours can be attributed to their strong appeal among luxury sports car enthusiasts. 

Vibrant-coloured sports cars effortlessly catch attention wherever they go, particularly when their striking appearance is complemented by impressive performance capabilities.

So, to conclude: 

  • Luxury cars tend to sell better if they have bright, vibrant colours
  • Standard cars command a better resale value if they are black, white, black, or another more understated colour

Will changing the colour of my car affect its resale value?

Yes, it will, and here’s why. 

If you want to apply a fresh repaint to your car, keep in mind that the quality of the job will play a crucial role in determining how your car's value appreciates over time. A poorly executed respray can diminish the appeal and worth of your vehicle in the same way that a professional, showroom-quality respray can yield substantial rewards when the time comes to sell your car. You can also relish in the rejuvenating transformation of your car's appearance in the time being. 

It is advisable to avoid respraying your car in unpopular colours. Cars painted in uncommon colours such as yellow, pink, gold, and purple tend to have limited demand among car buyers, making them challenging to sell.

Unless selling isn’t in your foreseeable future, we advise avoiding spraying your car in unpopular colours like yellow, pink, gold, and purple as they tend to have limited demand among car buyers, making them a more challenging sell. 

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